"Building Bridges Between People To Resolve Conflict"

If you are currently entangled in a dispute- personal or business/work related no doubt you are suffering in more ways than one.

You are not alone!

Historically, disputes have been the destruction of nations, friendships and relationships. Often, what starts as simply a difference of opinion or conflict of interest escalates quickly into a full scale dispute.

The effects of this ongoing conflict are cancerous. It eats away insidiously at ones emotional, mental, physical and financial wellbeing. This only gets worse once the dispute is carried into the legal battlefield. The end of this road sees only losers. Winning the case is only half of the story. The other, are the losses sustained during the battle.

Conflict is usually a clash of two options - yours and theirs.

We believe in reaching for the 3rd alternative - the one that is neither your way nor theirs but rather something that moves beyond what either of you is thinking to a higher and better place of mutual understanding and goodwill.

With this Third Alternative everyone wins. Money is saved. Relationships can be salvaged and strengthened. Emotional and physical energy is regained.

Remember! Whatever stage the dispute has reached it is never too late.