About Us

My name is Rafael Bitan. I am a qualified Civil & Commercial and Family Mediator, ordained as a Rabbinical Judge and I have also trained as an Executive and Business Coach.

My work as a mediator has involved a broad cross section of disputes and I have been fortunate over the years to help resolve many a dispute. I also advise and coach individuals and organisations currently in dispute on how best to manage their conflict. Furthermore, I lecture to businesses and organisations about conflict management, communication and the benefits of mediation.

My aim as an Executive & Business Coach is to help people transform their dream into their reality. I coach both individuals and teams enabling them to achieve their maximum potential and succeed in reaching their goals.

My role as a Rabbi within a community has provided me invaluable experience working with people of all backgrounds on a wide range of issues all requiring a great deal of sensitivity and understanding especially in the areas of parenting, marital harmony and family matters.

My strengths in particular lie in the area of relationships and disputes combining keen intuition into human nature, strong empathetic skills and mediation techniques.

My passion is to help people, regardless of the nature of their dispute, transcend their own point of view to a viewing point-a higher and more expansive place from which both sides can be seen.

Although based in Gibraltar I divide my time between the UK (in particular Manchester) and Gibraltar.


"Gesharim" is the Hebrew word for Bridges.

Resolving conflict is all about building bridges between individuals to develop a better and deeper understanding of the needs and interests of one another.

My belief is that each and every conflict has its own unique energy emanating from the interests and character of the individuals involved. However, almost always, there is an underlying inability to communicate effectively.

As parties become further entrenched in their positions it becomes increasingly difficult for them to see the other side. This is where the help of a neutral third party is crucial in order to bridge the gap by facilitating positive and effective communication between the 2 sides.

My aim is to provide a service to support families, individuals and businesses to find effective solutions to resolve their conflict and break the cycle of hostility.

Confidentiality, Impartiality and Sensitivity are the three pillars of my professional standards.