Business Disputes

Business Disputes & Issues can arise in any one or more of the following areas:-

  • Building works
  • Boundary and neighbour disputes
  • Breach of contract
  • Commercial disputes
  • Debt
  • Partnerships
  • Provisions of goods and services
  • Landlord and Tenancy issues
  • Inheritance and Wills

Whichever it may be; at best, it is diverting resources and energy which would be put to better use elsewhere.

What are your options?

Court/ Beis Din (Religious court) would seem the natural address for such a dispute- the law will decide.
However, for many this is not the ideal option.

Reasons given include the costs involved, time taken, negative publicity, damaged reputation and the inability in most cases to salvage the relationship for future business.

It is precisely for these reasons that in the last decade there has been a strong movement towards alternative forms of resolution.

I offer the following alternative options to help you resolve your dispute:-

Business Services