At times, it may not be possible to get the other party to agree to receive 'outside help'. Sometimes the other party is simply in denial. Is there any hope for improvement?

Alternatively, you may be privy to a dispute of a friend, family member, co-worker etc. They are confiding in you and you would like to help but are unsure how to proceed. Can you help?

The answer is YES to both questions. With professional guidance it is possible for one party or a neutral third party to make a difference. At times, the clarity earned from an objective opinion is all that is necessary to break the gridlock. At the very least, guidance can help you bring stability to the situation preventing further escalation of the conflict.

Whether you are personally involved or a third party I can help you try and make that difference.

During consultations I aim to:-

  • Familiarise myself fully with the background
  • Identify the core roots of the dispute.
  • Clarify the position, interests and needs of the parties involved.
  • Discuss possible options carefully weighing up the pros and cons.
  • Agree on a plan of action.
  • Arrange to follow up.


Conflict Resolution is not simply about resolving differences when dispute arises. It is as much, if not more, about preventing conflict in the first place.

Little emphasis is placed on acquiring skills of effective communication, problem solving and dealing with conflict. Supposedly, raw intuition is sufficient to help us ride the waves of our relationships. However, as we journey through life, the fallacy of this notion is proven time and time again.

Coaching gives you the opportunity to explore with me your relationships, business or personal, in order to identify areas for improvement. During these sessions I can help you reach a higher level of closeness in your relationships.

Experience has proven that tweaking one's relationships has significant positive ripple effects on other areas in one's life.

Consultations/ Coaching can take place in person, over the phone or using Skype. For further information and to schedule a consultation please contact me by phone or email. Calls are charged in half hour units.

Coaching Services