Family Disputes

Disagreements between family members, is in most cases, part and parcel of day to day family life. Unfortunately, there are times when these disagreements spiral out of control and pass the fine line of what is considered normal and healthy interaction, becoming a full blown argument threatening the very fabric of the family setup.

Some of the common triggers include:-

  • Parenting issues
  • Sibling rivalry
  • In-law or step family disagreements
  • Extended family or ex-partner interference
  • Inheritance and Wills
  • Care issues
  • Inter-generational differences

As time goes by, the rift widens as other family members become dragged into the fray. This has a severe impact on all family celebrations, gatherings and holidays. What should normally be looked forward to as a happy family occasion becomes a dreaded experience to be avoided at all costs.

Family Mediation can be of help in the following ways:-

  • It provides an opportunity for both sides to be heard in a neutral and sensitive setting.
  • It builds a platform upon which communication can be restored between the two sides
  • To identify the core issues that ignited the conflict
  • Creates an understanding and awareness of how the conflict spiralled to its present position
  • Facilitates a solution that is to the satisfaction of the two sides
  • Addresses and clarifies long term issues and concerns

Even in situations when the conflict cannot be resolved, simply talking about it in a sensitive and empathetic environment can go a long way to enable you to manage the conflict in your life.

For further information about this service please contact me. All enquiries are treated with the strictest confidence.