A typical family includes numerous relationships all going on simultaneously. In any one of these there is potential for conflict. When this occurs the effects can be far reaching threatening to destroy the stability of the entire family setup.

Conflict is destructive. Two people in this state typically enter into a negative cycle of squabbling, criticism, name calling, accusations etc. Once this cycle begins it picks up its own momentum travelling too fast for those involved to stop it and before long whole family units are destroyed in its wake.

Intervention is key. Accessing the right help can reverse this cycle entirely and set the tone for rebuilding relationships. At the very least, it certainly can be effective in limiting the damage to the bigger picture e.g. when a couple decide to divorce and are expertly guided through this painful and traumatic process the negative consequences to children are significantly reduced.

'A family in conflict is a family in crisis'. Conflict inevitably raises many other sensitive issues e.g. one's self worth, family dynamics, communication problems, standing in the community etc. At "Gesharim" there is a strong emphasis on sensitivity & confidentiality in order to provide the necessary support for families throughout these difficult times.

"A chain is as strong as its weakest point". In every issue there is a weak point. In many cases simply by identifying it and applying changes in this point alone is sufficient to address the issue at hand and rebalance the family dynamics to one of peace, harmony and ultimately happiness.

Our Family service covers the following areas: