Halachic solutions

This includes the following principle services:-

  • Prevention
  • Halachic Arbitration


Many disputes are the product of insufficient foresight, planning and transparency. A well written contract between two parties will go a long way in avoiding disagreement. Similarly a Will is known to ward off many an inheritance dispute.

Every aspect of business is governed by Halacha. Many of these laws are extremely complex and intricate and may vary in their application according to the specific circumstance. Advice from a competent Halachic authority who is experienced in these matters is crucial in order to avoid pitfalls.

Failure to comply with the Halacha can have far reaching consequences as can be seen in the following two examples:-

  • Beneficiaries of a Will that is not Halachically sound may be stealing if they claim what the Will entitles them to.
  • A loan with interest that is not done according to Halacha will mean that the lender will be unable to claim the interest.

Sound Halachic advice is no longer a luxury. It can save time, money and energy which would otherwise be thrown into dispute.

Halachic Arbitration

According to Jewish law, Jews in a monetary dispute with one another must go to a Beis Din for adjudication. Many however, are reluctant to do this. There is a perceived stigma involved in going to Beis Din that they wish to avoid. Furthermore there are issues of privacy and time constraints that are often concerns for individuals.

This is where Halachic Arbitration comes in. Jewish law allows for Arbitration (using Halacha as the basis of the arbitration) as an alternative method provided both parties agree to bind themselves to the decision rendered.

The benefits include:-

  • Absence of stigma
  • Speed
  • Flexibility of times and location.
  • Cost
  • Privacy and confidentiality

As a qualified Dayan (Rabbinical Judge) specialising in monetary law and experienced in advising clients internationally I provide these "Halachic solutions".

I can help you plan efficiently all your business interests and dealings in line with Halacha simultaneously reducing the risk of conflict in the future. In the event of a dispute arising, should the parties prefer, I will arbitrate the case using Halacha.

For further information please contact me by email or by phone. Fees are charged at an hourly rate.

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