What is Mediation?

Mediation is an alternative to litigation and the courts as a way of resolving disputes using a neutral third party (the mediator).

The secret of its success is that it provides a neutral and private setting, enabling the parties to air their respective sides of the dispute 'without prejudice'. The role of the mediator is not to dictate solutions but merely to act as a facilitator to encourage communication. Using listening and empathetic skills he will create an atmosphere where anger and antagonism are effectively disarmed clearing the way for constructive negotiation.

The aim of mediation is to encourage those involved in the dispute to create their own solutions giving the parties control over the entire process. To achieve this, the mediator will work with the parties in private meetings, to understand their feelings and the underlying issues, identifying common ground for the parties to build on.

What are the benefits?

  • Avoids expensive litigation costs.
  • It frees up time and energy to focus on moving forward in other areas.
  • Often, the mutual understanding gained through Mediation opens the door to greater opportunities.
  • Most cases are settled on the same day with some stretching over onto the following day.
  • The entire process is 'without prejudice' and is completely private avoiding unwelcome publicity.
  • The process is entirely voluntary and not legally binding until the point of agreement.
  • At any point during the course of the mediation any party may withdraw and cannot a settlement imposed upon them.
  • Gives control to the parties themselves to create their own solutions.
  • Less stress due to speed of resolution.
  • Increased chances of rescuing relationships.
  • Allows opportunity for suppressed feelings to be explored and released.
  • Allows for greater understanding and empathy between the parties.

I charge an hourly fee irrespective of the size of the dispute. I am also flexible to travel at fairly short notice if that is the preferred choice of the disputants. Travel expenses and venue hire will be billed separately.

For further information please contact me either by email or by telephone and I will be happy to assist. All enquiries will be treated in the strictest confidence.

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