I meet couples who are already separated or are considering separation in order to help them:-

  • Gain perspective on their relationship crisis and see if their marriage can be saved
  • Make a decision on their future from a place of knowledge and understanding
  • Try to create a mutual solution


Couples who have decided that the only way forward is to divorce find themselves facing multiple issues that have to be resolved. These include:-

  • Working out the division of assets in a way that is satisfactory to all
  • If there are children, to focus on their needs and make arrangements accordingly
  • Negotiating a financial package

All these decisions have to be made at a time when emotions and feelings are very raw and tender and there is likely to be a lot of anger and animosity. It is no surprise that often this leads to bitter disputes and long drawn out court battles which only serve to drain the individuals and their families emotionally, physically and financially.

I meet with couples who have made the decision to break up and work together with them to create solutions which are mutually satisfactory to both of them. I strive to nurture understanding of one another by facilitating a positive flow of communication in order to achieve this.

I charge an hourly fee and I am available to travel internationally. For further information please contact me. All enquiries will be treated in the strictest confidence.