Training focuses towards a brighter future- one where conflict is more the exception than the rule and where relationships are strengthened through conflict rather than destroyed.

Daily life involves countless interactions both business and personal all of which are potential for conflict. Can conflict be avoided? In many situations the answer is most definitely YES.

However, unfortunately many of us are not sufficiently in tune with the consequences of much of what we say or do. Furthermore, we often fail to read accurately the people we interact with. What to us seems a trivial comment or sometimes even a helpful suggestion is received as an insult, threat or attempt to control and before we know it we have entered into a cycle of conflict.

Just think about it… How many arguments with our spouse/ boss/ partner/ co-worker etc could have been avoided had we not said… or not done…or simply said things differently?

Mastering the tools of effective communication will help not only prevent conflict in the first place but also give you the skills to handle conflict effectively when it surfaces nipping it in the bud before it escalates.

Combining years of experience as a public speaker and adult educator with extensive research into the dynamics of relationships and conflict I aim to make a difference to my audience.

Topics I lecture on include:-

  • Conflict management
  • Communication skills
  • Handling difficult conversations
  • Creating safety in conversations
  • Fundamentals of marital harmony
  • Keys to healthy relationships
  • The art of listening

For further information or to book a lecture for your organisation please contact me by phone or by email.

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