Conflict costs money

Disputes in the workplace are extremely harmful and costly to the business. It directly affects:-

  • Sickness and absence rates
  • Management time and efficiency
  • Employee turnover
  • Productivity levels
  • Project deadlines
  • Public image
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Legal fees

As the world experiences constant change, businesses are confronted with new and ever more complex challenges to deal with. Technological advancement and globalisation have permanently changed the face of businesses and the way they operate, increasing the risk of internal disputes and grievances. Examples include:-

  • Internal communication is much of the time through emails and memos and less through personal interaction.
  • Firms now seek the cheaper option of recruiting foreign labour bringing multiple cultures, backgrounds and personalities under the same umbrella.
  • Increased competition and economic downturn is placing enormous pressure on managers who in turn pass this down to those beneath them creating a very intense, competitive and pressured work environment.
  • Lines between work and home are becoming increasingly blurred. This has a negative impact on relationships which in turn adversely affects work.

How can Conflict Resolution help?

At a time when all businesses are thinking of creative ways to reduce costs, commissioning conflict resolution and mediation is a worthy investment. It can be instrumental in the following ways:-

  • Mediate interpersonal issues between 2 people.
  • Mediate interpersonal issues between 2 teams / departments.
  • Mediate power issues between management and their teams.
  • Mediate disciplinary and grievance issues.
  • Investigate and identify source of conflict within the organisation.
  • Consultation and training to prevent conflict

I provide all these services. For further information and to discuss your businesses specific needs please contact me by email or by phone.

What are the Benefits?

  • Increased levels of productivity and efficiency due to positive atmosphere and improved communication
  • Greater employee retention
  • Reduction in costs both tangible and intangible inflicted by conflict
  • Improved relationships within the business increasing the level of trust throughout the organisation.
  • Absence of negative publicity caused by internal strife, legal suits, employment tribunals etc